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Born and raised in the infamous Sutter Buttes as the 4th generation of a farming/ranching family I am grateful to now get to share  the traditions and passion of the lifestyle that is deep in our roots with my own family. 


Here we enjoy sharing our never ending farm projects, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and our many adventures together. 


We love this land and all of the fruits of our labor. We hope you enjoy!




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After starting a family we were inspired to get back to what we loved, being in the country. After selling our home in Yuba City in late 2013 and without a single plan in place the three of us(My husband, Derek, our wild toddler, Branson and myself) moved into my parents home in the middle of a huge renovation. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it.

After a few months of house hunting and getting discouraged as the market continued to climb the perfect piece of property came up for sale. The most ironic thing is that the land was bordered by my family's property of 5 generations on three sides. After a month of negotiating it was ours! We quickly realized when building a home nothing happens quicky. So we switched gears and started to tinker with some ideas of things to not only keep us busy in the mean time but that we could implement on our 50 acres.


We had 1 horse and 3 dogs at the time and were scratching our heads as to ways to utilize our property.  We started with lavender and two Nigerian Dwarf goats that we lovingly named, Bubbles and Sparkles. We planted about 500 plants in the spring of 2014. We spent all of our spare time marching around with goats and kid in tow, weeding and tending to our plants which we were only able to manage a couple of seasons before we sold off our mature plants and WBF went on the back burner. Though the business of selling lavender based products and wedding/party favors was successful it was just to much to manage all at once and still keep up with a busy toddler building a home and our careers.


Again we switched gears and refocused back to building. We broke ground in October 2014 and finished construction late January 2016. We were so elated to have a home of our own again!


Now that we are settled into our new digs (It's only been three years since we finished construction of our home) I do believe you will be seeing more of those fragrant flowers here at WBF in the future and the goat herd has exploded to 2 bucks and 6 does (several more doelings on reservation). We are expecting our first kids in 2020 and many more adventures here at WBF.


We look forward to continuing to share our trials and triumphs with all of you!

Ashley Leonard

Herd Manager, Owner

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