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  • How do I reserve a kid from an upcoming kidding?
    To reserve a kid please fill out our contact form by clicking "SAY Hello" from the menu bar. Please specify sex, color/marking preferences and how many kids you are looking for. We do not collect a deposit until kids are on the ground, you will be notified in order of reservation and once you have confirmed we collect deposit.
  • Do Nigerian Dwarf make good pets?
    ABSOLUTELY! Goats in general are very curious and typically friendly if handled correctly and shown love and affection. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat is a lot of fun in a tiny package.
  • I am improving my homesteading is a goat a good addition?
    Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a dairy breed and high producers relative to their size. Their milk is desirable due to the high butter fat content not only making delicious milk but also handy for making cheese, yogurt and number of delicious treats. Goats are also great at managing leafy, thorning plant growth that other animals will typically avoid and perfect for organic weed control.
  • Do you sell mature Bucks or Does?
    Yes, ocassionally we do. If you are looking for something please inquire via the tab titled "SAY HELLO" or check our sale barn page.
  • Where can I learn more about the Nigerian Dwarf Breed and Registry?
    All of our goats are registered through the following if not multiple registries.
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